Automotive & Allied Businesses


SIPRADI is the foremost name in the Group with more than three decades of professional expertise. A moving force of Nepal, it plays a pivotal role in supporting the life-lines of commerce as well as stimulating infrastructure building.


Sipradi Trading Private Ltd. (STPL) has been the exclusive distributor of Tata Motors Ltd. India, in Nepal since 1982. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, STPL sells and services the full range of Tata Motors’ commercial and passenger vehicles. STPL is the market leader in commercial vehicle segment with well over 60% market share and is one of the top three players in the passenger vehicle segment. The company has an annual turnover exceeding USD 300 million. It takes pride in having the largest sales and service distribution network throughout Nepal with 26 sales network offices and 31 service centers dedicated to Commercial Vehicles, 19 showrooms and 26 service centers dedicated to Passenger vehicles.

STPL is also the distributor of Exide Batteries (Exide Industries Ltd., India) and maintains a market leader position with over 50% market share in automotive and inverter battery segment and has a network of 235 dealers. Furthermore, the company also distributes MAK Lubricants from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., India, and is the market leader in the industry and boasts the largest network of over 223 dealers.

STPL has undertaken major CSR initiatives through its CSR wing Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha (SSS) in driver training, traffic management, road building, drinking water supply and planting trees. It has also undertaken various rehabilitation initiatives such as rebuilding schools and medical centres in areas majorly affected by the earthquake of 2015.


Sipradi Autoparts Private Ltd. (SAPPL) is in the business of distributing genuine TATA MOTORS spare parts with a distribution network of 305 dealers. SAPPL is also the sole distributor of commercial and passenger vehicle tyres from MICHELIN; Automotive Garage Equipment from MANATEC; Air Tools from KUKEN CO LTD., JAPAN and Hand Tools from GROZ.


Sipradi Earthmovers Private Ltd. (SEMPL) is the exclusive distributor of construction equipment from TATA HITACHI, India. The company has the highest range of product offerings in the hydraulic excavators and wheeled equipment segment and is continuously striving to achieve leadership position. The company commenced operations in 2010.


Sipradi Assured Private Ltd. (SAPL), which deals with pre-owned vehicle business, was established in 2011. The company exchanges, buys and sells certified pre-owned vehicles with warranty. It is the only kind in Nepal to provide an organized way of assured experience in pre-owned vehicle.


Sipradi Hire Purchase Pvt. Ltd. (SHPPL) is a vehicular financing company of SIPRADI, with the main objective of providing trouble free financing solutions for customers. SHPPL also provides financing access to customers who are normally deprived from financing facilities from traditional BFIs. As on 2018, SHPPL has financed 12% of the vehicles retailed by SIPRADI and is the largest in house financier in Nepal.


Sipradi Energy Private Ltd. (SEPL), was established in 2008 to primarily enter the alternative energy sector. Before the end of load shedding, Sipradi Energy was the largest distributed renewable energy company in Nepal. At its peak, Sipradi Energy sold approximately 200,000 systems (solar coupled with inverters and batteries) annually to millions of Nepali customers. With the end of load shedding, sales of solar systems declined sharply, including at Sipradi Energy. Currently SEPL is evaluating various other opportunities in the alternative energy sector.