Core Values


We regard honesty to be an integral part of our culture whereby each employee carries out his/her duties with the utmost sincerity and integrity. We expect each of our employees to respect the rule of law and be steadfast in our commitment to becoming respected citizens inside and outside of the work place.


We choose to empower all our employees and recognize performance. Respect must be earned and not demanded, and minority opinions will be recognised. Our dealings will be fair and impartial thereby imparting a sense of professional as well as personal security and dignity.


We are committed to being responsible, sensitive and trustworthy to all our customers, employees, partners, community and the environment.


We value the importance and the outcome of being system and process driven in all our operations. We further aim to implement best practices on a continual basis in order to achieve better efficiencies, dependability and competitiveness.


We nurture a corporate culture that is result oriented and fosters collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We value the relationships of all our colleagues and partnerships in order to maximise outputs in line with stated objectives.